The Workshop
on applications of the Taylor Center software
for teaching and numeric experimentation

As explained in the other sections, the Taylor Center software has a great potential as a supporting tool...

Due to its ability to achieve the highest accuracy of integration (with 64 bit mantissa of the real type extended), this software is also indispensable for numeric experiments and obtaining solutions of some challenging problems when other types of software fail.

With that in mind, the teachers and researchers in the above mentioned fields are invited to participate in the Workshop functioning mostly remotely via the Internet tools such as email, Skype conferences, or telephone.

There are at least three forms of participation and collaboration:

The necessary consultations and exchanges will take place on a regular basis via the usual means of communication. We will accumulate the problems successfully solved with this software into a special section at this site, and plan them for discussions at our workshops. If this activity grows, in the future we may wish to meet physically for such a workshop either as a small independent event, or in a frame of some bigger mathematical events.  

Here is a categorized list of over 70 samples (coming with the installation of the software) collected randomly during the years of developing of this project. These samples give an idea of how a much larger library may be gathered with collective efforts in order to establish an always growing Exploratorium of teaching examples in applied mathematics.

Welcome to the Workshop!

Alexander Gofen
The Taylor Center
2017- 2020

1)  Here is a trivial example where the software is used merely for plotting a parametric curve (no ODEs, just auxiliary variables) - see Demo/Klein bottle in the downloaded software  (see file Samples for description of over 70 non-trivial and sophisticated samples coming with this software.